Oklahoma City Zoo Is Overjoyed To Announce The Birth Of Rama The Asian Baby Elephant!

Oklahoma City Zoo Is Overjoyed To Announce The Birth Of Rama The Asian Baby Elephant!

The most amazing thing is to witness the birth of a small creature, especially an Asian baby elephant!

The Asian Elephant was welcomed by all at the Oklahoma City Zoo, and the boy was named Rama.

The super adorable Rama was born to parents Asha and Rex. The couple was 2 of the 7 Asian elephants in the zoo, and now the number is 8 with the addition of Rama!

The Oklahoma City Zoo’s Elephant and Rhino Curator, Rachel Emory, is overjoyed to talk about Rama’s birth. He witnessed Rama’s birth and development; everyone has a special affection for this baby boy.


Emory share: One of the great things about elephant cubs is that they are incredibly inquisitive, and every day is a new learning experience. Rama will be very close to his mother Asha, aunt Chandra, and his two older sisters, Achara and Kairavi, for the first few months.

For the time being, the newborn baby will remain with his mother Asha. He spends the majority of his time interacting with his family herd and learning how to be a baby elephant, sucking his mother’s milk, and taking frequent naps for young babies.

After 3-4 months, he will show an interest in solid foods (such as bananas and cantaloupe) and will begin more formal training in voluntary health behaviors. Rama is still figuring out how to use his chest and keep up with his big sisters.


Even before he was born, Baby Rama was famous for his ultrasound image. Hope that he will grow up to be as healthy and large as his father.
That’s wonderful. She will grow up safe and happy ❤️❤️

God bless and keep you always…! 🙏🙏🙏
Rama looks adorable among his gigantic family! Would anyone like to hug him?


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