New York State Trooper Rescued A Senior Golden Retriever “Tr.ap.ped” In Drain Pipe!

New York State Trooper Rescued A Senior Golden Retriever “Tr.ap.ped” In Drain Pipe!

The dogs are frequently mischievous, and when they are let out of the house, they run and jump as if they’ve never run before. That is why Lilah, a 13-year-old golden retriever, fe.ll down the drain.

Rudy Fuehrer was walking with Lilah’s babies that day in Conklin, New York when he heard Lilah’s cry from underground and they followed to the sewer tube containing the dog.

Fuehrer tried to lure his pet with dog peanut butter and cheese, but she refused. After failing to save Lilah from the sewer, the Fuehrer dialed 911 on Sunday.

Thankfully, State Soldiers Jimmy Rasaphone and Ana Reynas arrived minutes later. The two soldiers decided that the only way to save Lilah was for one of them to enter a 2.5-meter-wide sewer. Rasaphone offered to go into the sewer and bring the dog back into his owner’s arms safely!

The sight of a soldier doing everything he can to save a dog is truly heartwarming!

Lilah has recovered well at home since her rescue and is now walking around town with the Fuehrer on a leash. That way, she won’t run around and they won’t have to come to her rescue again.
The Fuehrer will be more attentive to his pet as well!

Soldiers, thank you for coming through and showing compassion to help bring this puppy home. with its owner.

Many people expressed their gratitude for the state troopers, especially when they saw his clothes were soaked but he still had a big smile on his face next to the bewildered dog.

Lilah was very lucky to be saved, but she may have also learned a valuable lesson from her mischief!


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