The Cat Was By Its Owner Be She Was Too Ugly!

The Cat Was By Its Owner Be She Was Too Ugly!

The story is about a cat named Snowball who was adopted by a family, growing up he was not cute and cute. And not long after, he got sick, so the owner ruthlessly abandoned him. After that, this cat lost faith in humans, no one cared about her.

Snowball is lost, has no food, and has befriended a few other cats so he doesn’t get lonely. But those cats also got sick and died, leaving the poor cat behind. And maybe the next one to go will be Snowball. Hair falls, skin covered with bones, sometimes it seems that the poor cat can’t even breathe, it won’t live.

But an animal rescue team found Snowball, and tried everything to save it. They gave him food to eat, but it was sad because the poor cat was having a hard time eating and drinking in such a bad state, he couldn’t get up.

The rescue team took it to the veterinary hospital. There, doctors conducted tests and discovered that Snowball had scabies, anemia, severe dehydration, and asthma. It needed immediate treatment, they gave it pain medication and intravenous fluids.

Fortunately, Snowball is now more stable, but the doctors said that it is not certain that the cat has survived, and everyone is thinking of the worst case scenario.

But a miracle happened, Snowball is now grown up and can eat dry food! It is recovering!
But it wasn’t long before Snowball was licking the wall again, an inexplicable act that made everyone nervous. But unlike what people think, it’s normal.
After 4 weeks, Snowball was healthy, able to play and run around. Now it can trust humans again!

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