The Po.or Turtle En.dured Two Decades Of Having A Jug Ring Attached To Its Body!

The Po.or Turtle En.dured Two Decades Of Having A Jug Ring Attached To Its Body!


Imagine being ti.ed by a around your body for several dec.ades, and it even splits you in half; that is exactly what this po.or turtle has to endure as a result of someone’s naughty prank.

Someone discovered a turtle in a drainage system with a milk jug ring around it two decades ago in New Orleans, Louisiana, causing it to deform into a figure eight. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Who could have done something so The turtle may have been tr.a.pped since it was a child and grown over time, but no one assisted it in removing the ring, causing its body, including the tough turtle shell, to be [de.form.ed]!

They put the turtle in their case after discovering it in the milk ring and naming it Mae West.

However, her handler interest in Mae West and she was transferred to the star eco-station in Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides.

The length of time the bottle ring was attached to her body before she was rescued is unknown. In 2008, Mae West’s photos went viral, and Oprah Winfrey included a turtle in her Earth Day report.

However, this is an example of the all-too-common problems that turtles face as a result of plas.tic po.llu.tion. And it’s been happening for a long time; for example, a red-eared turtle named Peanut was discovered tr.ap.ped in a six-pack plastic hoop in Missouri in 1993.

Peanut was rescued and rehabilitated at a zoo after the plastic ring was removed from his body. Peanut, now in his 30s, has lived a long and healthy life that would not have been possible without human assistance, and he is still under professional care.

After hearing these stories, you can’t help but wonder how many turtles have been left unprotected, slowly in the gr.ip of the tightening plastic, and not just turtles but so many other animals!

Hopefully, people will become more aware of the importance of biodiversity conservation, because no one expects humans to be the only solitary creatures left on the planet in a few decades!

We have to change our ways and get back to fresh natural food without plastic.

You can watch a video of the rescue below:

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