Watch the unexpected change of this stray cat picked up on the street

Watch the unexpected change of this stray cat picked up on the street

Pick up a feral cat on the street and bring it back to your grandmother as a friend. Who would have thought that a year later, returning to visit the cat who has now turned into a pig is not good, the boy’s story makes many people excited.


The guy picked up a kitten on the street. But because he was busy with work and was allergic to cat fur, the young man had to carry the animal in a foam box and bring it home to find the owner.

“Ask around but no one feeds it, I plan to adopt this cat as a pet.”
At noon, grandmother brought fruit. Seeing me leave her in the yard,After listening to me, she said “no one to adopt, let me take it home”. My grandma loves too cat. In the past, your uncle brought home a dog that his grandmother said he ate too much and only ate beef, so he couldn’t keep it. So hebrought the cat home,” the young man confided.

The funniest part of the story is as follows:

“Being away for a while, I went to the South to do business, now when I return to visit my grandmother, I see a cat lying on a chair, at first I thought it was a neighbor’s cat.” but she told me “The cat you gave me, that’s him”.

She said it goes very slowly now. People keep asking her if she’s 10 years old, she looks old and fat, and it rolls or crawls. She even joked and told the truth “it’s only 9 months old” but no one believes her. Exactly 9 months guys! “.

The little cat abandoned on the street today has changed beyond belief. He’s noticeably fatter, even his belly is full of fat. With such an oversized weight, it can hardly move as fast as other cats.

“Does auntie have magic that turns cats into ‘pigs’? The current cat looks scary, fat

too much, lost all the original cuteness”, shared T.Y account

“Eating to fullness causes many diseases. You should advise her to stop and do diet, no

the owners are also crazy! “, another commented.

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